Oksana Dudko

Researcher, coordinates the project "Lviv Theaters" and conducts research "Lviv Theaters during World War I" within the project. The Lviv Interactive project advisor.

She graduated from the Ivan Franko National University in Lviv with a degree in World History. Dudko holds an MA in History (2005). She was a student at the Ukrainian Catholic University Department of Philosophy Licenciate Program, and held internships at the University of Warsaw, and the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. Defended a dissertation on the sociopolitical thought of Galician Ukrainians at the turn of the twentieth century. 

Oksana Dudko’s academic interests include Lviv’s public space in the second half of the nineteenth, and early twentieth century, the First World War, rituals and practices of public events (celebration, commemoration, etc.), history of the theater and theatrical management.

Contact: o.dudko@lvivcenter.org

Selected publications:
  • Dudko, O. M., Mizhnarodna politychna kryza peredodnia Pershoyi svitovoyi viiny ta ukrayinska politychna dumka Halychyny / O. M. Dudko // Visnyk Prykarpatskoho natsionalnoho universytetu imeni Vasylia Stefanyka. Seriya: Istoriya / [ed. By M. V. Kuhutiak]. – 2007. – Issue 12–13. – pp. 71–75.
  • Dudko, O. Aneksiya Bosniyi i Hertsegovyny 1908 r. i ukrayinska suspilno-politychna dumka Halychyny / Oksana Dudko // Naukovi zapysky Ternopilskoho natsionalnoho pedahohichnoho universytetu imeni Volodymyra Hnatiuka. Seriya: Istoriya / [ed. by Prof. I. S. Zuliak]. – 2008. – Issue 3 – pp. 219–224.
  • Tkach, O. [Dudko, О.], Ukrayinska suspilno-politychna dumka Halychyny pro Balkanski viyny (1912 – 1913 rr.) / Oksana Tkach // Naukovi zoshyty istorychnoho fakultetu Lviv. nats. un-tu im I. Franka: zb. nauk. prats.. – 2008. – Issue 7–8. – Part 1. – pp. 199–207.
  • Dudko O. Visions of "West": Galician Perspective (the End of the XIX – the Beginning of the XX Century) / Oksana Dudko // International Conference of Young Researchers, (Chişinǎu, Moldova, Nov. 6–7, 2008), 6 ed. : Book of abstracts / [science com.: Valeriu Ciobra [et. аl.]. – Ch.: S.n., 2008. – P. 221.